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If only they'd stop to realize that the world doesn't quite revolve around them as much as they think it does. They are so full of themselves that others are taken in and they can build up quite a following of sycophants and hangers-on. This only helps bolster their already over-inflated sense of worth. They thing any job they have is a career.

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They fail to notice how bad their lovers are because they're so busy watching their own performance. They wear too much make-up. But watch them slink away when its time to pay the bill. Not your most generous of signs this one. They bring white and drink red, and they drink far too much.

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They do love to tell everyone else what to think. They are bossy, dogmatic, opinionated and conceited.

The Dark Side of the Astrological Sign Leo

Trouble is, their opinions are always based on biased, subjective, unfair, based entirely on their own experiences, and short on facts. They have poor taste in clothes, and they think yesterday's fashions are still today's. Who'd have the nerve to tell them though? And what is that thing they have about their hair? It is invariably messy, tangled and bushy and needs a good cut. They think they look like a lion, how wrong can you get? They claim they only see the big picture, they paint on a wide canvas.

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They don't pay attention to detail. And do you know why? Lazy, that's why. They don't do detail because they can't be bothered. They are so stuck up they think the whole world revolves around them - there'll always be an underling to do the filing for them. They are distinctly below average at everything. They know this and suffer terrible self-esteem problems. When they get old they get terribly depressed and make the mistake of thinking we care.

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They witter on about how much they could have done, how successful they once were. They progress to this stage as mutton dressed as lamb. Their teeth are often yellow because they smoke too much and drink too much coffee. A Leo in love, God protect us. This one will run and run - for about a week. You see the Leo is destined to be hurt in love, nay tortured, dismembered, torn apart. They bring it on themselves. If they could learn to keep their trap shut for five minutes they might just hang onto a lover. But they don't.

They do love to change, criticize , to tidy up, to argue with and finally, to drive away. It's in their nature. It's in the genes. They fall in love with the most horribly unsuitable people; emotional cripples, too young, too old, too tall, too poor, already married lots of this one , wrong gender, wrong planet. They seek a white knight in shining armour who will rescue them from their current love affair which has invariably gone horribly wrong. Then when you do saddle up they'll play it all frosty and tell you that you've arrived at the wrong time, wrong place, or with the wrong colour of armour, or that you've ridden the horse all wrong.

You'd think they'd be grateful to have someone to be rescued by. They don't take responsibility for the emotional havoc they create or how with their cruelty they can destroy lives. Scorpios are the cruelest sign. They have a cruel attitude and tend to lack empathy for the people they hurt as if it's the person's fault for getting in Scorpio's way. It's hard to defend yourself when you are being accused of things that aren't necessarily true. Scorpio likes to keep people off-balance so that when they strike, their victims crumble easily.

Cancers can become out-of-control with their emotions and highly possessive. If a Cancer feels threatened or as if they're losing something or someone they love, they will strike out.

When they're feeling this way, they become cruel and seem to instinctively know where to strike so it will cause the most pain. Cancers seem to have no fear about the consequences of their actions and react without thought of the destruction they can cause. While they do feel guilt and remorse, it happens long after their cruel action. You don't want to mess with someone they love, because they won't hold back inflicting pain on you in return.

Capricorns do tend to have a dark side, and when they go to that dark place, they throw out all their usual rules and ways of behaving.

Leo men are selfish

They will resort to cruelty if it can help advance them in their career or payback an enemy. They seem to enjoy other people's misfortune and will gleefully recount a story where someone who wronged them in the past received their karmic punishment. Aries can be cruel with their words. They get angry or upset and then everything comes pouring out without a second thought of how it will hurt the other person or how it will make Aries look. They're also so competitive that they can be obnoxious and mean winners and the worst of sore losers.

Any kind of competition with Aries can set you up to experience their venomous and mean-spirited diatribes.