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When I look at an individual in order to make a profile, I first notice the position of the North and South Nodes of the Moon, by sign and by house. Suddenly, the whole chart comes alive and I can understand the individual challenges this person has, and the qualities of character that need to be developed for success and fulfillment in this lifetime. It is not necessary to have a belief in astrology in order for this Guide to be of value to you. Astrology, if explored from a psychological or scientific level, has nothing to do with belief.

It has to do with gaining knowledge and doing experiments. Are the psychological profiles offered by astrology useful tools of self-knowledge for you? Are the timing predictions astrology can make when based on your full birth chart helpful in using your time more effectively? In evaluating the truth of the material presented in this Guide, it is important to listen to your own inner knowing and past experiences. Regardless of what others may think, only you know the nature of your own internal battles. If you choose to do some of the experiments suggested for balancing your North Node personality type, look to your own energy for confirmation of whether or not you are on the right path.

Trust yourself. If not, try a different experiment. Again, trust yourself.

The Moon's North Node: Your Soul's Blueprint

But if they feel right to you—if they seem accurate—take the risk and set them in motion. For each of us, our deepest core issues are shown in the sign and house positions of the North Node at the time of our birth. However, in the process of writing this Guide, I realized I had unresolved issues in signs other than my own nodal sign and house.

The difference is in the depth of the dysfunction. But someone whose North Node is in another sign may also have difficulty with sharing feelings openly. Reading the chapter on North Node in Cancer may help them heal their issues of vulnerability and suggest practical approaches to create balance and ease. For example, I have the North Node neither in Aries nor in the 1st House, but when I was working on the Aries North Node chapter I realized that I had problems with self-assertion and some of the other issues that those folks are working out.

In the creative process of writing that chapter, something in me was healed and I spontaneously began asserting myself more constructively and being more honest. And my life became a whole lot easier! When astrology is approached from a level of true open-minded understanding, it leads directly to unconditional love. We are all doing the best we can with the light we have and seeking to overcome our imperfections. The glitches get in the way of getting what we want. We are all in this together. Sun sign astrology, such as the horoscopes covered in daily newspapers and magazines, are predictions that take into account only the sign position of the Sun.

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Full natal astrology takes into account the sign positions of ten planets the Sun and Moon are considered planets in this context, as the galaxy is seen from the point of view of its effect on the Earth , the axis that was active when the individual was born, and several other points: the Nodes, Eclipses, and so on. In the moment you took your first breath, all of humankind—all the people alive at that time—passed through that moment with you. Everyone did the best they could to make the moment joyful for themselves, but then the next moment came along and humankind had to handle it—and the next moment and the next, on into the current moment.

But the moment when you were born was stamped on the cellular level of your very being, and it remains a part of you. With that connection, you took charge of purifying that moment for everyone else on the planet, and you alone have the power to perfect the moment of your own birth.

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Through your own personal life you are essentially altering a moment that occurred in the past, and when you change the past, it changes the present for everyone. Your birth chart provides a picture of the inner wiring you were born with, but what you do with that wiring is up to you. The nodes take into account the Sun, the moon and the earth.

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The nodes play a powerful role in non-Western astrology. For example, your south node is Virgo and their north node is Virgo. If you combine your natural skills, you can be unstoppable. A huge influence who we learned so much from, Spiller passed away July We are forever grateful for what we learned about the nodes from her writing. Art via Tumblr. You should care little about career and financial success, prestige, and social achievements. You should be able to attach yourself to others. You should be involved in their lives, realizing and appreciating them. You should have spiritually fulfilling relationships.

You should not postpone your enjoyment of life. You should learn how to focus on your feelings and follow your desires, and you should not be afraid of emotional evolution and overstatement. You should follow your instincts more than your logic. Sympathy and mercy should always be your priorities.

You should direct your energy inwards, remembering that your feelings will guide you. You should make time for resting, and you should create a safe and cozy home atmosphere where you can forget your worries. You are here to be known by others, so you should learn how to attract attention, to be active, and to manage and display your authority. You should learn how to take risks, undertake enterprises, trust in yourself, and reflect your reliability on others. You should present your creativity and your sense of fun, because this will show others how intimate you are.

You should rely on your inner child, your basic instincts and desires. You should follow your dearest desires. You should always demand better, have a positive attitude, and stay away from worries. Instead of waiting for the perfect result, you should do what you can at any given moment. You should be involved socially and not be isolated. You should be honest and act like a leader against any injustice. You should not be overly logical or cold-blooded but instead always follow your heart.

You should display your honesty and benevolence, and you should never be ashamed of receiving appreciation.

The Moon’s North Node: Your Soul’s Blueprint

You should pursue the projects that give you happiness and energy. You should strengthen your bonds with life; instead of watching from the audience, you should be on the stage of life. You are here to learn how to maintain social order by focusing on details and improving yourself.

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You exist to serve and help others, to be productive and practical, and to be planned and organized. You should analyze everything neatly, and you should make your decisions independently of your feelings. You should be involved in activities where you serve people, and you should use your talents for the benefit of others. You should be disciplined and stable, and you should act strategically. You should be organized in every detail, and while you should be patient enough to leave work to the others, you should also have your own plan. You should keep records as comprehensively as possible.

You should always remember to focus on details.

Pisces JULY 2017 ~ North Node in Leo Cycle

You should refine your problem solving talents. You should be objective and logical, and you should never live in the past. You should obey the rules, but you should be pragmatic and be happy with attaining imperfect results. You should always have aims.

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You should never blame others; instead of being a victim, you should realize you bear sole responsibility for your life. You are here to learn cooperation, sharing, diplomacy, and agreement. You are here to maintain balance and peace and to develop the concepts of equality and justice.

You should evaluate situations from the perspectives of others.