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We have Toy Story birthday balloons, Hello Kitty birthday balloons, Batman birthday balloons, and Dora birthday balloons in all sizes and shapes. Of course, we also have latex balloons, solid color foil balloons, curling ribbons, and other accessories to make you presentation complete. So come to Party City for all things balloon, because from balloon weights to balloon bouquets and helium balloon kits, the birthday balloons start with us! Featured Costumes. Featured Decorations. Featured Products.

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Featured Birthdays. Featured Occasions. Featured Clearance Promotions. Looking for costumes? Yes - check availability No thanks, I'm here for something else. I am so excited to celebrate my birthday with my precious daughter for the first time. She is such a blessing in my life. Gabriella Belluscio Port Jefferson 5 Happy birthday baby girl!!

Karen Collins Island Park 40 This beautiful woman is a wife, daughter and mother to 3 wonderful kids. We are so happy to have her. We love you so much!!! Such a great friend on the inside and out. Kayla Hoelderlin Levittown 13 Happy 13th birthday to our baby we are so proud of you!! Ethan North Amityville 8 Ethan is super excited about turning 8 as he states 'He's one year closer to getting his drivers license! Madelyn ryder From middle island celebrating her 6th birthday Saturday please consider for birthday smiles 8am broadcast MICHAEL MARESCA coram 10 winnie esoff jennifer barret and meaghan barret kings park ny and malverne ny 76 From left to right grandma winnie , daughter jennifer, and niece meaghan - 76, 51 and 17 years old , all three generations born on same day!

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Serafina Merrick 4 Mikey meatballs Mastic 21 Happy birthday babe! Rinella dela Pena Levittown 8 Please use this picture not the first one I sent. Thank you! Happy birthday to our only princess! Your church and the Medford community and people in Central America are grateful for everything you do and we wish you many more.

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Anthony Russo Babylon 26 Also recently engaged! Dawn Bruckner Islip 49 anissa vera east islip 18 Su Huntington 12 Happy Birthday to our Angel Autumn Smith centereach 6 Please consider this photo of my granddaughter for your Birthday Smiles feature. Autumn watches News 12 with me regularly. He recently left for France to play hockey so we are missing him for his birthday. Thanks so much and we love and watch your show every day!! He shares his birthday with his sister Jennifer who was born 3 years later. He is married to his wife, Dolores, for over 60 years.

He will be celebrating with his family. Alisson Juarez Elmont 4 Happy bday to our precious daughter!

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We love you May god bless you!! Hope you have a special day!! Please show we have the TV on this morning! Please, please, please put him on the air for Birthday Smiles : He loves News 12, thanks! From mom and dad! We had a rough summer. We lost his great grandma and his grandma within 8 days of each other. He could use a surprise.

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Thank you for considering Richie. Would be so great to see his handsome face on News12 on his birthday! Travis Mavrokefalos Islip 7 Happy Birthday to our kind hearted, adventurous and smart boy! Mom and Dad love you to pieces!

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  • Salcedo West Islip 9 Happy birthday Alex!!! Enjoy your last signal digit year. I love you so much!!! We love you bud!!!

    How Common Is Your Birthday? An Interactive Map Can Tell You

    Time to celebrate! By the way if you could, could you stream it at 6am or something like that. This is a recent photo from when she went to the hair salon.

    Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with the family. Happy Birthday! We love you!! Gregory Inserillo Bohemia 13 We have a teenager in the house!!! How did this happen? Asked for her bday to be mentioned on TV. She shares a bday with The Boss Bruce Springsteen.

    Friends - 30th Birthday Rachel... and plan...

    You are a blessing to our family and I wish you many many more wonderful birthdays. You mean so much to us all. I have a beautiful and caring wife and also a wonderful daughter and two amazing grand daughters. Happy Birthday Alex Have the best day ever. We love you. Hailey Amato Ridge 12 This is what 12 years of awesome looks like! It was her best birthday gift ever! Alyssa and Angelina Marletti Mastic 15 Alyssa and Angelina are sisters who share the same birthday, 4 years apart.

    Alyssa is turning 15, and Angelina is turning Marrik Whittaker Manorville 17 Happy belated birthday Marrik! Have a great day. Happy Birthday Liana you made it on News!! Dad, Mom, Josie, Rylan and Ella wish you the happiest of birthdays!