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Her Kannada entry was through Ravichandra opposite to Rajkumar.

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She appeared in films in many languages Kannada , Tamil , Malayalam and Telugu early in her career. She was the heroine of legendary Malayalam actor Jayan 's last film Kolilakkam In her Malayalam entry film Moorkhan, she acted as Jayan's second heroine. Malayalam is the language in which she acted the most number of times, followed by Telugu. She received the best actress Nandi Award for her role in Shrutilayalu in She is a close friend of actress Suhasini Maniratnam , her co-star in a Telugu movie. The friendship between the two provided the material for a candid scene in the film, when director Kodandarami Reddy noticed Suhasini combing Sumalatha's long hair on the train journey to the film set.

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Reddy asked his cameraman, Ashok Reddy, to film the two and added the scene to the movie's final cut. She married Kannada actor and politician Ambareesh on 8 December and they have a son Abhishek born in They supposedly met on the sets of a movie, and she was attracted to his bold personality.

In an interview with TV9 Kannada she mentioned she was very much attracted to his rebellious attitude. It seems [ according to whom?

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The Bharatiya Janata Party decided not to field a candidate in Mandya and instead opted to support Sumalatha. The Congress Party workers also supported her indirectly by disobeying orders of Congress leaders from the high command. She is the first Independent woman MP from Karnataka. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Indian actress. Sumalatha at the 60th Filmfare Awards South. Ambareesh m. It takes 28 days to move through the zodiac star signs, translating into two weeks of a waxing bright half Moon and two weeks of a waning dark half Moon.

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For Meena Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would be placed in the 10th house of Sagittarius in year January, February, June, August, and November are good months. Pooruruttathi Nakshatram is the 25th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu astrology or Jyothish Shastra. Called former happy feet, Those born in the Poorattathi nakshatra they are successful in earing money. Your new year resolution for year : I must avoid all unnecessary expenditure, communication and spend more time in silence.

The element of Pooruruttathi is Sky.

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Sasthamangalam Sreekumar. This is the online version of Malayalam Calendar in English with daily panchangam, rahu kalam and other astrology information. Get Malayalam astrology and horoscope here! VM May 18, At am Such times are to repay what wrongdoing we have done and accept the consequences.

Jupiter or Guru transits to your 9th house of Scorpio in October. The Swati Nakshatra is represented in the cosmos by a single star known as Arcturus.

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Whats App Mob Astrological Life. March, May, August and December are good.

The Moon is related to our intuition, intelligence and our natural emotions. Throughout the month, its happiness which occupies your heart and mind. The female natives of Vishakha Nakshatra are perceived to be born with natural beauty and gorgeous persona as they are endowed with unique and acknowledgeable features and attractive formation.

You will rise to success from most problematic situations. They got ability to defeat enemies. There will be 3 digits for each nakshatra. Get your Free Jathakam by date of birth. The characteristics of those born under pooratathi nakshatra are that they speak a lot; they are well learned and experts in their field of expertise. Varuna is deity of this star and Venus is considered as a Dasha Ruler of it. Useful Links for Services that you can opt in year for you.

January, April, September and November are bad.

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  8. You are advised to start any new project in the second half of the year. The period of June and July are very strong and you can consider making any huge decisions in this period.

    You will enjoy family life this month. Try to plant and grow Thenmavu, the official tree of Pooruruttathi and do not cut its branches. Just as gemstones are created under extreme conditions of intense heat and pressure; the universe too needs to progress from its initial Big Bang which is emblematized by Chitra. Revathi Do not harm peacock, the official bird of Pooruruttathi.

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    Shatabhisha natives have keen interest in medical field especially traditional medical field like Ayurveda. Wish you a very happy and fulfilling year A Nakshatra is one of the 27 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent star s in them, used in Vedic astrology. They work restlessly and mild habits. Vedic Predictions - Know your nakshatras, astrology nakshatras, vedic astrology nakshatras, about nakshatras, about astrology nakshatra, hindu nakshatra, indian astrology, vedic astrologer, hindu indian astrology, indian vedic astrology, indian astrologer, hindu vedic astrology, indian astrology site, vedic astrology readings, indian astrological remedies, yantras, future forecasts.

    In plain translation, Revathi refers to one who is wealthy and this is conveyed by the essence of this asterism at multiple levels. The month of August is very auspicious in terms of love and relationship. He has broad cheeks with fleshy lips. About Nakshatra: The Moon changes signs houses about every 2.