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I also am an aries rising gemini mars moon taurus and his moon is in cancer and venus is libra. So it can work! I am a Scorpio with Libra moon, mars in Libra as well, I need some advice. Saggatarious is too much work for Scorpio. Saggatarious is high mainetance, added to the light heartedness, and restlessness; you will feel that your time and effort is meaningless. With devotion and attention being our key traits; you will feel that Saggatarious takes you for granted. The Saggatarious is deadly to the Scorpio in my honest opinion; they often shoot before thinking.

I just wanna kno is it too late and if not, what can I do to bring him back?

What October's Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Please help me. This man is my everything and more and idk what else to do. Perfectly on point. He was doing the same with me and even he disrespect me.

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So to be myself I broke up with him. Still he claims that he loves me but scorpios are liars and cheats.

Sagittarius Temper

Scorpios cheat and liars?? Are you for real lady? Its pretty obvious that Scorpio dont mesh with Sagittarius, if you really love each other you have to compromise, communication and trust are the keys. That was so tough… But i really loved him though….

As a sagittarius, I am open and kind until I have been crossed. Oh my gosh! My Scorpio broke me twice and now here he is.. Coming back for the third time but I refuse. I dunno whats on his head. He left me then now he will come back.. Classic Scorpio man. Very confusing. Sag male here. You can learn a lot from eachother.

My Scorpio lady is the air I breath , she brings me back to earth.

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Oh this pair can work. Both very strong signs. Great match if you want it. He is very extroverted to my wanting to keep to myself. He breaks me out of my comfort zone and we have some much fun. Not to mention his thoughtfulness and million other things.

Jealous zodiacs in love: How jealous are you?

Sagittarius female here. My Scorpio man is driving me crazy. He is filled with passion, extremely intuitive, fun and hot. Our relationship has been amazing. We are married, and have been together 6 years.

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Is there any way to tame this creature? But his pull the rug out from me and unpredictable nature is very hard to comprehend. Any Scorpio males want to share some insight? I know right? So un-Scorpio like.

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I guess I went through something in my life in my entrepreneur area that taught me the patience. Guess which sign I plan reconnect with as we are long time friends. And now I have means to travel whenever I want and take the Sagi along. Talk to your Scorpio and assure him that you are his. Go for a holiday or something together. He is funny, kind, sweet, intellectual, gracious, adventurous and the master of the tough love speech which can be difficult, but in the end, mostly appreciated. I feel fortunate to have him in my life. I am very sensitive, somewhat introverted and a keen observer.

How to Deal with Sagittarius Jealousy

Mutual respect, a loving heart, a listening ear and being as present as possible are the keys to making relationships work; no matter what your signs are. He is very honest and that is one quality trait that is hard to find! I respect him on many different levels, however he is brutally honesty about a few other things in our friendship!

We have a strong fear of being judge along with harsh criticism!! Appreciate the good times!! Keyword tried. I find that the first line is true, Scorpios have a very black and white way of seeing things, with no room for middle ground.

It comes off very dogmatic and in arguments the Scorpio would usually insist that one person was right and the other was wrong. And if they did realize there were gray areas and there was fault on both sides, they would have some difficulty digesting the situation. Sagittarius are extremely open and honest.

In all my Scorpio relationships, I felt like I was actually the one doing all the work. Making a huge effort to show my Scorpio that I was a safe, non-judgmental place for them to talk. So that we could work thru our probs. But all I would get is severe mistrust and attacks on my character. And lots and lots and lots of blame. Lol, this is just my friendships tho. Sounds like a mess. I have tried everything to be friends with my SIL.

I am a Scorpio female and she is sag. She is the total opposite. I confront her that is how I am, and she tells me she tells the truth…cough….. Then she finally admitted to me she is not the best at coming to me when she has a problem. I can take honestly as I am blunt and honest myself.

I have tried everything but she never took the time to get to know me at all. But then I am Scorpio and rising Sag so I feel that these signs do affect the person personality. I am married to Aquarius with I think moon or rising in Aries. Interesting that you said you felt like you were doing all the work but in my case, the opposite including the blame. But I mince my words and told her things I only knew through wisdom and experience.

How To Know When He's Secretly Jealous, According To His Zodiac Sign

She always thought someone was judging her or trying to make her uncomfortable… as she was sleeping in my bed every night, eating the few groceries I had, cuddling with me, or driving herself crazy with situations that just did not serve her. She got mad over small things and I kept forgiving them. She lied as needed to get whatever she needed done and would never be upfront about anything. She had also developed really quick and fast feelings for me post sex and was hurt by every.

Scorpios are too much work, too little result. They are generally selfish, but I will say they are about their business.