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Libra : This week there is a danger of pursuing a wrong career objective, even being irresponsible in your approach to work. A cluster of planets gather in your social and humanitarian zone which might mean you need to consider your role in a group or organization, or you need to decide whether a friendship is worth maintaining.

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Perhaps you need to determine whether you need to make a larger or smaller difference to society. Mercury retrograde is encouraging you to review these aspects of life and to come to a decision so that you can feel happier about your place in the world. Want to know the actual dates when the energies will influence your life in money, career, relationships, and communicaton?

Astro Forecast Report 3 months. Your social life gets a gold star so if the black hole relates to your home and domestic situation, go out and enjoy time with friends. Career-wise, this week is a mixed bag, as Mercury retrograde suggests a lack of progress or problems that need to be resolved, but this is an area that is likely drawing your attention, and there is an indication for some very positive developments.

Want a one year forecast to understand the scope of influence for your personal Cards of Destiny? Cards of Destiny Report. Sagittarius : This is a good time to experience spiritual and intellectual growth but at the same time you will shun the limelight being content to be a back-room individual focusing firmly on career and business without wanting the glory.

Your creative pursuits, children and perhaps also love affairs, may have some troubles under the influence of the Last Quarter Moon, but then proceed smoothly, giving you much joy and satisfaction. Contemplating a move? This report tells how you will react to the energies of the specific locations for relationships, finances, and security. Relocation Information Report. Capricorn : There will be a lot going on for you this week.

On the money scene, there will be new players of ancestral wealth, legacy, inheritance and gains from property. In addition, you will be enjoying a fair amount of social life including good times with children, and plenty of fun and games literally, not figuratively. Discover your character traits, relationship and career potentials — based on Edgar Casey Readings. Cayce Past Life Report. Power will be your middle name at business meetings, conferences and presentations.

Discover your past life connections that can carry over into your current life, accounting for interests, habits, even phobias. Karmic Past Life Report.


Whatever the reason, you can now expect all the fun and pleasure, parties, games, functions, publicity, and ceremonies your heart could possibly have hankered for. And ceremonies could include a wedding, even your own if you are still single. Perhaps these are the rewards that the Universe gives you for your good behavior and even better performance over the last few weeks. Karmic Insight Report.

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For more information about your Horoscope and what the stars have in store for you, order one of our detailed. Astrology Reports for Couples! Compatibility Report Reveal as much information about you and your partner intention of opening doors of understanding and awareness.

Merlin Report Cancer : You may look on the last week in July as a small interlude of peace in your hectic schedule.

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Child Astrology Report Virgo : Your inner landscape becomes the point of focus as retrograde Mercury slips through your zone of soul and spirit. Astrological Solar Return Report Libra : This week there is a danger of pursuing a wrong career objective, even being irresponsible in your approach to work.

Cards of Destiny Report Sagittarius : This is a good time to experience spiritual and intellectual growth but at the same time you will shun the limelight being content to be a back-room individual focusing firmly on career and business without wanting the glory. Relocation Information Report Capricorn : There will be a lot going on for you this week.

Karmic Insight Report For more information about your Horoscope and what the stars have in store for you, order one of our detailed Astrology Reports for Couples! The whole exhibition demands that the visitor looks to the inevitable philosophical angle on our study of and concept of the brain alongside the limited fascination of the scientific understanding of the brain. Artist Andrew Carnie exhibits a video, called Atlas , which is created from a book of photographs put together , before x-rays were around of sliced brains created for surgeons who were operating on brain tumors.

This is a phenomenon where patients who have had heart transplants find, post-operatively, that their personality changes. The new science of Epigenetics is indeed a realization about the interface between human emotional and physical experience and how it can affect the genes. The Occupy movement, which certainly is a stance against the values of the status quo, has moved into the arena of the arts. There are those that claim that it is a new artistic movement leaving the gallery world behind. The Poster Protest has become more ubiquitous. Fine art has melded with Street Art, with the pavements of Manhattan becoming an outside gallery system, engaging with the outside world in the occupy spirit.

There are crowd-sourcing donations to fund protest and socially relevant art. Street Performance art has arisen with caricatures of spoof policemen and officials and a sort of culture war is afoot. This is art not to be bought or privatized, but to be socialized. Outside the gallery system; outside this very arid self-referential way of working and it made us engage with real people, and the outside world.

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It truly wants to change it. That is truly reflective of the current Uranus in Aries spirit, now manifesting also in the arts world. We are entering an era of post-post-modern capitalism whatever that may manifest as and the artistic movements are reflecting this and are even trying to drive it.

Weekly Horoscope (13 July To 19 July)- Aries-मेष (Pandit Anil Jha)

Over the period of Venus being retrograde much of the globe has had a growing sense of collective rebellion against the prevailing socio- economic value system. The financial markets are calling the shots. A total market driven society becomes a largely dehumanized society, not to mention often lacking in morality, and which also erodes democracy. More and more people feel this in their waters. The plutocrats Pluto are indeed being challenged Uranus. However, Pluto will fight to the death in primeval fashion to maintain its power.

It often would rather take everyone down than admit defeat. The self-induced nervous breakdown that modern capitalism is having in many parts of the world, could lead to its suicide, unless it acknowledges a need for fundamental therapeutic self-analysis and change.

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Pluto, which is all about power, demands in order to heal, a deep confrontation with the misuse of power represented by whatever sign he is in. He has been in Capricorn since , a sign all about economics and the establishment. With Pluto we have to confront our devils, in order to find our angels. It would, it has been estimated by some economists, probably in the long term cost less for us all, if the Greek debt were written off, than it would if they defaulted and left the European monetary union.

Logic and compromise however is not an option with obsessive Pluto fighting for supremacy. For Greece, and other European countries including Britain, the increasing of the austerity measures that are already so devastating to much of the population, is the equivalent of putting an anorexic on a diet and expecting them to eventually gain weight, with no convincing explanation as to how this magic might happen. Many commentators are feeling that democracy is under threat. Originally a democratic forum in the birthplace of democracy, Greece, allowed any free citizen male only!

Then another citizen could give a detailed counter stance and justification and so on. No media to distort and dictate, no serious global vested interests to sway, no sound bites to hypnotize and no extreme party ideology to appease and no necessary wealth and commercial backing to drive and fund their candidacy. Only pure logical and detailed strength of argument was the basis on which individuals were voted for. Ironically, Greece, the birthplace of western democracy two and a half millennia ago, will decide in large measure the future of much the west and indeed maybe of democracy itself, in the next six weeks or so.

The problem is that reason, so beloved by the ancient Greeks, is so often now not how we grapple with problems, especially when it affects how we live and our general sense of well being. Emotion and prejudice rule our stances. As Pluto and Uranus increasingly challenge each other, so we see a polarization of views and increasing extremism whether liberal Uranus in Aries from March or a right of center clinging to the old status quo Pluto in Capricorn.

Emotions rather than pure logic inflame the mood. This is because the insipient battle is felt increasingly as a primeval fight for survival. Haidt outlines how Liberals rely heavily on the power of pure reason, and do not so readily resort to instincts, or a historic sense of loyalty to a nation or to a particular subgroup, which can cause reason to become subordinate to a passionate, knee-jerk response, which is often a recidivistic tribal loyalty emanating from the family, school, religion or workplace.

The Right Wing view often appeals more to that latter power, while liberalism tends to employ and appeal to the abstract objective logic of fairness and compassion applied to the needs of the total stranger. When as a principle this is ignored, it also stirs real passions, re perceived social injustice. However, liberalism can also of course be an inherited stance fostered by school, family or professional milieu. The power of intellect without the power of emotions is often weaker in force than the power of emotions without the input of the intellect. It is true that some things are too important to leave to the head alone, but equally there are many things that are too important to leave to the mercy of mere passionate emotion alone.

Astrologers would analyze a birth chart and know fairly quickly whether someone was more instinctively likely left or right leaning. The predominance of air signs especially Aquarius often tends to a more detached liberal stance and a predominance of water signs can lead to a more instinctive, knee jerk emotional stance. It is no coincidence that Obama has Aquarius rising and his call is for Europe to boost growth also a controversial holy grail when ruthlessly pursued rather than pursue single-minded austerity for the general populace.

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Incidentally, President Obama is fortunate this month in having Jupiter conjunct his Moon in Gemini between June 25th to the 30th. This once every 12 year hit affords public popularity and a lucky, feel-good factor. Reason originally was a way of grappling with problems from an objective, non-partisan viewpoint, whereas, as Haidt points out, reason is now more commonly used to persuade others that our own prejudices and partisan views are right.

In both the U. We can rub along together with our differing either conditioned or reasoned political opinions and allegiances when times are relatively easy, but when times are tough, recidivistic extremism and anger is born from a desire to protect oneself and the groups and values we feel loyal to.