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The lord told job about the zodiac. Shakira, born february 2, , a 1 life path under the influence of 2. Now that neptune is going into pisces, i feel that neptune in pisces can correct some of the problems we saw developing with toronto star horoscope may 23 internet. When you enter the new shop, tom will announce that:. Buttery croissants, chewy baguettes, and herby ciabatta bread make up the carb-laden menu at this ferry building favorite.

This support may come in the form of; Good number compatibility, a synergy number that is supportive of your life paths- your individual destiny numbers- or a karmic connection that gives you a sense of completion together.

Horoscope for Wednesday, Oct. 9, 12222

Is it an extraordinary partner. The description isn't specifically targeted towards the soul urge number, but it will help you to better understand your innermost yearning. Their entire existence is centered around leaving something behind that they will be remembered for in the future. Reach out for someone you care about who lives at a distance. You always seem to produce memorable times together.

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Decide to meet halfway in the near future, preferably by water. Tonight: Join a friend. You could be excited about your plans. Get together with a special friend or person early in the day. You seem to have plans that involve fishing or being around water. Go do them before the weather becomes too cold.


Tonight: Dance to another person's tune. Defer to a partner or dear friend. If you're too assertive about your plans, the other party sometimes feels pressured. Eliminate that problem, at least for today. A minitrip could be in the offing. Tonight: Say yes to an offer.

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You might be surprised that you feel the need to slow down or clear out a project. The ever-social being that lives within you might be happy for some time off.

Think twice about your plans. Some of you might want to cancel or adjust plans made several days ago. Tonight: Doing what feels right. You might surprise a close friend or loved one. You might start the day semi-OK, but you end the day partying away — if you have the right company. Make sure to pick up the phone for an extroverted friend. Join him or her. Tonight: Don't worry about time.

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Frolic away. Tonight: Put your feet up. Allow yourself to be freer and more open when dealing with a loved one or friend. Consider your options with greater care and concern. A child could be out of sorts.

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Take time to visit with him or her. This child needs to learn how to work out his or her feelings.

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Tonight: Make nice. Defer to a family member or roommate.

Toronto star horoscope may 23

You might not be sure about which way to go with a matter that involves him or her. This person might be a bit difficult, but he or she will work through it with your encouragement.

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Tonight: Throw a dinner party. You have a lot to say and cannot be succinct, no matter how hard you try. Be more forthright about your choices. You tend to keep some information to yourself. The more open you are, the more likely others will be to agree with you. Tonight: Choose a favourite haunt for dinner.

You can see a lot of reasons to say no to spending at present. Still, you might let a bargain or a special item go as a result. Weigh the pros and cons. Get feedback from a loved one.

toronto star weekly horoscope

Tonight: Let someone else treat. Even if you appear sombre, all eyes turn to you for information, suggestions or simply to visit with. A conversation allows more relaxation. You see a person or child in a less stringent light. Tonight: Where you can hear live music. Try as you might, you cannot get past a nagging feeling that you lost a beat or missed a detail that might be important.